Welcome! I’m so glad you are here! My name is Jenny.

I have adored photography since I was a girl, but decided to jump in to the business world when I was unable to find the type of portraits I was looking for , at a price that fit our family’s financial resources.



Back to School


Family Portraits

Moms , we are generally the people tasked with creating and preserving family memories. Let me help you . I will handle the details by scouting a beautiful setting, creating a relaxed atmosphere, and providing a high value family photo for a fair price. Leave the details to me, so you can enjoy the process.

Corporate & Professional Headshots

These are ideal for the professional looking to update their online presence, website, profile pictures, or business cards.

Landscape and Nature

I adore all things outdoors, and I tend to view life through a seasonal lens. I often incorporate this into my photos. Winter will find my portraits to be more dark and moody, while summer photos tend to the light and airy. For landscape photos, I like to focus on what happens from week to week- for example, what flowers are blooming currently?

Vintage Inspired

What’s old is new again. Do you have a favorite time period that you would like to read create visually? Do you dress from a certain era or aesthetic? Do you have an heirloom that you would like to showcase? Vintage inspired portraits may be what you are searching for.


Lifestyle Portraits are endlessly creative. Lifestyle photos are often compared to what scrapbooks were to our mother’s generation. When we are crating your lifestyle portraits we are capturing your actual life, home, surroundings. We are attempting to tell a story- your story through gorgeous images. We combine candid photos with thoughtful shots , in order to tell your unique story for years to come.

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